LA Lounge – Lighting plan and design

Welcome to LA Lounge Qualified lighting specialists guiding your lighting design from idea to integrated solution. Our philosophy is to integrate light into the fabric of the architecture of a building to create a perfectly lit space. LA Lounge offers a complete service that includes the lighting plan, design and supply of lighting customized to suit each individual’s brief, budget and Basix.

Lighting PLAN Design

It is not easy to design a modern lighting installation and it pays to get specialist advice so that the light positions and switch locations can be given some careful thought. When approached in the correct manner, it is possible to design a lighting layout that is cost effective, uses the least amount of energy possible, and at the same time enhances the atmosphere and architectural elements of the spaces. Whether you are renovating or building, we can help with your lighting plan. We are happy to draw the lighting plan for you or if you have a lighting plan already, we can work together and bring the project to reality. A well designed lighting plan will:
  • Provide a high level of visual comfort
  • Make use of natural light and the possibility of skylights so that lights do not have to turned on during the day
  • Provide ergonomically satisfying switch locations for lighting control including dimming.
  • Have low energy requirements
  • Provide conveniently placed task lighting
  • Include motion sensors in selected locations to automatically turn light off when not required
  • Highlight the architecture and design elements to their best advantage
It is important to note that while selection of light fittings is an important aspect of a sustainable approach to lighting, it is still possible to create an inefficient lighting plan using efficient light fittings. The placement of lights and the suitability of the light chosen for the various applications, such as background lighting or task lighting is essential to the success of the lighting design outcome. Apart from superior efficiency and aesthetics, lighting must comply with the compulsory energy efficiency parameters set down by the BASIX and the BCA. Most homeowners will need some expert advice in the design and selection of a lighting system.
recess plaster light

recess plaster light